Savage scope mounts.

Scott E

Jan 12, 2004
Salisbury, NC
I recently bought a new Savage 110 FP tatical rifle in 7Mag. I'm having a hard time finding bases to mount my scope with. I tried a leupold one piece no good Weaver type no good. I've had to settle for a Leupold 2 piece which I do not like. Where and what type should I get? Keep in mind this is my first attempt at a long range rifle. Thanks for your help.
What is wrong with leupold and the weavers I have both types on my savgae rifles and they work out. I find that with most savages I had to slim the back scope mount to get the proper elevation.
The Leupold was to short The one I had was the standard 110 one piece base. When i went back today I took the one piece up to the gun counter to try it on a regular 110 rifle and it didn't fit it either. The Weaver the Bass Pro only had the 2 piece bases. I may be doing something wrong but I have a one piece on my Weatherby.
Why don't you ask them to find one the fits if they have savages at the store they should be able to do that. It woulnd't be the first time the wrong mount got into the wrong package.
It is the law enforcement models 110FP in 25-06, 30-06, 300 and 7mm. I'm still trying to get set up my intentions are to try and shoot in a 1000 yard match this year. I'm a novice at long range comp I've hunted and shot for years. I would like to stay as basic as possible to shoot in the factory class until the bug bites me all the way. Now I just want a one piece base and solid rings. Will 15MOA get me to a 1000 yards or will I need 20MOA with a Simmons Aetec 6x20x44?
first of all whats your total available elevation? If you want to be able to get on target at both 100yds & 1000 yds, You will need a scope with plenty of adjustment. A good rule on sloped bases. Get a sloped base that is slightly less than 1/2 of your total usable elevation. To shoot 1000yds it will probably take near 30moa if your zero is 100yds. Check with Midsouth Shooters supply, they have a ring setup with 25moa slope built in. Made by Mamba

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