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My final piece of my puzzle is the scope for the 338 lapua I am building. I have looked at nightforce 8x32 and swarovski 6x24. I also looked at the horus reticle on the horus scope an the schmidt & bender.

The thing is I wont be shooting much past 500 yards (long range for me at least for the next few seasons anyway!) so I was leaning towards the swarovski with the TDS reticle.

Is it nessecary to get all the fancy stuff that you 1000 - 2000 yd guys need or should I keep it simple?

I would also love to hear suggestions regarding scope brands & powers & Reticles.

Thank You
if you plan to shooty only at 500 yards perhaps no need big power scope

night force is not my favorite scope ( built in japan !!! )
Swaro is the BEST european scope ever built but with big caliber power 16 x is enought so the 4x16 is nice balanced fot your rifle .

if you want to put money in a real great scope ( full US made ) try the US OPTIC SN 3
3.2x17 that the medium / long range scope
optic quality is outstanding and you have a very tought scope you can choice between first and secong plan focal for your reticule by this way you get a variable size reticule or a fixed size reticule ( as leupold ) I have several US OPTIC even if the price is hight ( around 2000$ ) quality is outstanding specialy if you compare to a Nightforce .

Good shooting

Dantec, what do you think of the horus reticle? or the horus scopes themselves?

I'd go for Leupold's.
You should also think of eye-relief. The Lapua kicks pretty hard, and my experience is that you wount be able shoot at your best if you alway are afraid of getting the scope in your eyebrow.
Dear John

for me Horus reticule is too much when I shoot I use the center of the optic not the side if you have too much to read you loose you aim : get the target I use as reticule

simple dot for most of my scope with a range
finder ( laser ) and my balistic charts .

mil dot from US OPTIC with reticule coupled to the power to have always a real mil dot size and some time a range finder .

that enought for me I have any thing again Horus scope but I prefer to put money in scope built by strong company with know garnty and quality ( Horus perhaps but ? ) my personal choice is
Leupold by premier reticule
Swaroski fot the optic quality on my hunting rifle ( not long range over 500 yards )
US OPTIC for true long range hard to find scope with more than 100 moa very strong and wiht plenty of option a real custom scope even is the price is twice as a Leupold Premier .Only thing again use US OPTIC scope on all my rifles is the weight that OK for big toy but a bit heavy for walking rifle .

never forget that heavy caliber are not sweet fot the scope .

good shooting

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