Savage FP10 Mount Problem


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Feb 9, 2003
memphis, tn
I just got my Savage FP10 .223 (the "law enforcement model". This is a new model and it has the new "accutrigger". I purchased Leupold QRW Mounts. These exact mounts work well with my Savage Model 11FL in .308.

However, 2 things have disappointed me. At first I could not screw in the base screws into any of the 4 receiver holes. I took it to my gunsmith and he said the Savage was not threaded for the Leupold screws that came with the base. This made me mad. Why would Savage either not thread the holes properly or change the threads from standard. Remember these mounts and screws work fine with my Savage Model 11FL.

Secondly, the both areas on the receiver where you mount the bases are rounded. However, the QRW mounts come with 1) rounded and 1) flat base! Again, these work fine with the Model 11FL.

Apparently, Savage 1) tapped the holes improperly or for a non-standard screw size and 2) changed the dimensions of the Model FP10 from the standard Savage models.

Has anyone experienced this? And, if so, what 2 piece "weaver" mounts work with the Savage 10FP?

First, there is no standard in anything in the "gun" world. Every thread is a bastard thread. THE only thread you will find that you can actually get a screw to match at a hardware store is the ones that hold the action to the stock, and usually, they need a special head.

My guess is that they put #8-40 screws in instead of the chinsy #6's that you usually get with your bases. Simple enough, just get the right bases to match. No doubt, you will find they are larger than you expected. All the screws can be had from Brownells. Expect to pay $15 for 12 "assorted" screws of which you can use 4.

Your smith should have had screws. Mine does, by the bushel. Mine gave me a whole box full for my gun when I needed some. I took a few and gave the rest back.

I'm sure, whatever Savage did, it was on purpose. No mistake. Look at Natchez Shooters Supply and check the mounting charts for your gun to get a base to match. You'll be on your way.
I own both old and new model Sav Mod 12/112 rifles and was also quite surprised when my Weaver Grand Slam mounts would't work on the new trigger model. A call to Weaver's Customer Service solved everything. The new model uses the old stle front mount (S-46) in both positions. Voila! It worked perfectly. I use the grand slam bases and Warne rings together.

Good luck.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> First, there is no standard in anything in the "gun" world. Every thread is a bastard thread. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Not trying to be argumentative, but when you have one Savage Model 10 and you buy another model 10 and screws that fit the first model 10, ought to fit the new model 10. On top of that, either Savage did not inform Leupold or Leupold made an error, but the exact bases and screws that fit the first Model 10 do not fit the new model 10.

It seems to me that Savage made changes and did not let their suppliers know or the suppliers ignored the changes. And hell, why change the dimenions of the receiver and NOT RENAME the model to a new number!!? What really frustrates me is the lack of communication.
In this day and age you would think that would be a given.

Anyway, I think the post above is on the money. I need two rounded bases.
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