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Aug 25, 2009
Wanting to get a new savage 116fhss in 7rm.. With plans of a possible 7wsm long action. I want to keep stock action and accustock and hope to just change out the barrel. Would this platform be better than the fcss detachable mag? Hoping to get a 800yd elk gun. Help needed
As far as platform I really think its what you want that matters. Platform in my opinion should be a larger shank 1.125 for the WSM or Ultra Mag cases,but that is just my opinion.

Based on the two cartridges that are mentioned they are pretty much equal so you arent really gaining anything.

& STW or the RUM would be a seriousstep up over the Rem Mag.

+1 on the Large shank. The Rum action would be the best choice. Finding one will be the challenge especially if your left handed. Roomer has it, that Savage will be coming out with a new long,large shank, large bolt face action, this next year, for the 338 Lupa. If they do I hope it will be offered in a lefty.:D

Regards Mike
So i get the standard long action 7rm and replace the barrel with a 26-28 for plains deer and antelope and then get the long shank next year when it comes out. Sounds good to me.
I'll disagree with the other two guys.

You're on the right trail with the 116FHSS or the 116FCSS.

You don't need a a large shank action. They are fairly tough to find anyway. The small shank works fine. Yes, I've built a WSM on a small shank and am currently building an 338 Edge on a small shank. It will handle either just fine.

If you want to seat longer bullets, you'll need the long action. So, a short action large or small shank is out too.

The only thing you'll need to decide is hinged floor plate or clip. You're preference.
I really dont care for clips, so I guess if their is no advantage of one or the other I will go with 116fhss. Any opinions on a good barrel twist/length I will be shooting heavier bullets. Thanks guys
For my 7mmWSM, I went with a Shilen Select Match Stainless 28" varmint taper with an 8" twist.

It shoots the 180g VLD's quite well and hope to try some of the 200g RBBT Wildcats pretty soon.
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