SOLD/EXPIRED savage 7wsm handgun


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Jan 21, 2007
Grafton, WI
I decided to thin the heard a little bit. I don't get the opportunity to use this as much as I used to and figure someone else would probably appreciate it more. I built this back in '08-09 and probably haven't shot it in 2 years. I started with a savage undesignated action and added a 17.5"+ mcgowen 9 twist barrel. It had a Holland QD brake and a 20MOA EGW rail. It's shot just about everything in the 162-175 grain amazingly well. If i had to guess I'd bet it has around 200-250 rounds through it. I had an issue with the original stock delaminating years back so now it's grey instead of red. Jim See at center shot rifles rifles did the chambering and assembly of the action/barrel/brake and was there when I shot the 3" 600 yard group. I have shot multiple deer and a bunch of antelope with this and if it doesn't sell plan to turn it into a rifle.. it will come with Hornady precision dies and atleast one bag of new winchester brass (have a bunch of loose once or twice fired I can throw in). I plan to keep the bipod pictured. There are some slight scuffs/scratches on the stock, blame the antelope for making me crawl ;-)

I am NOT interested in trades at the moment . Asking $1200 shipped to your FFL



Just curious what that setup weighs? Looks like an interesting option for hunting if it constitutes a significant weight savings over a traditional rifle. Also, what kind of velocity were you getting with a 160 grain projectile?
Not much I weight savings. I think it was around 8-9 lbs. I was mainly using a 168smk at a little over 2800fps