SOLD/EXPIRED Savage 7wsm


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Aug 11, 2005
Eastern Nebraska
Savage model 11 wood stock blued finish. 24 in barrel one piece Blackhawk scope base. Also part of the package is Redding standard 2 die set, 154 ge SST 75 count, 150 gr TSX boattail 30 count, 160 gr AccuBond 45 count, 139 gr GMX 45 count and 168 gr Berger VLD hunting 66 count. 45 pieces of once fired brass, some prepped and primed. 31 rounds of Winchester Power Max 150 gr PHP ammo and 9 rounds of once fired brass. My plan was to build this into my long range shooter, but my rifle ADD kicked in and I’m now building a big 30 cal. I bought the rifle used but the original owner said they never fired a round through the rifle. I shot it 24 times (the odd number of bullets come from working up loads for my .280), so I would still say it has less than a 100 rounds down the barrel, even if the original owner shot it a few times.
I would like to sell everything together, if rifle sells first then I will split things up. Money order is preferred payment method. Your FFL must accept from private seller.
Asking $625 for everything plus buyer pays shipping.
Do you know what twist is in the barrel? I tried looking it up on Savage's site but they no longer list the 7WSM.

What part of W. Nebr. are you in? I may be interested in this if the barrel is a least 1-10" or faster and I'll be heading to Omaha to visit family here in a couple of weeks.

What kind of accuracy would you say this set up has?
I live in Sidney,NE. I will contact Savage and see if they can tell me what the twist is. I'm guessing/thinking it is 1 in 9 1/4 or somehting like that.

I loaded some cheap softpoints that did about 1-2 inches, but the factory loads did just under an 1 inch. I think it will shoot with some load work.
I got two answers from Savage. One person said it was 1 in 10 and the other said it was 1 in 9.5 either way its 1 in 10 or faster. Hope this helps.
I would like to know a little more. Is this a center feed with 4.4" action screw spacing? Is this a blind mag, hinged floorplate, or DBM? Accutrigger? Large or standard shank?