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May 9, 2003
brandon manitoba
Hi. I have a chance to buy a savage 300 win but I'm wondering if someone can help me out with a more complete description. Here's what it's listed as. Savage 12vs long range Mfg.#16328. Is it single shot,stainless , barrel length? thanks for any info
barrel length should be 26" ,Savage also makes it a box magazine as well. I had a 112 bvss and it was a real shooter,fine gun but a little heavy to carry . HAPPY HUNTING

SS LM 1988
I think the mod. 12 is a short action make sure if your ordering from somewhere

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just went to savages web site , look under varmint rifles it gives all the specs. mod 12 is short action & 112 is long action and they both come in single shot or box magazine
but the 300 wim mag is mod 112, mod 12 is in 300 WSM if you need more info go to

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Sharpshooter. Thanks for the info. Wholesale sports up here hasit for sale but on thier web site they have it listed as a mod 12 probably a typo but just curious if that mfg# rang a bell with anyone.
I have the new Savage 112BVSS in 300 Win mag with a brake, I shoot 77grs of RL22 with a Hornady 168 Amax and the accuracy is superb. second time out it nailed a groundhog at 725yds he never moved an inch.

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