savage 12BVSS 300 wsm


Feb 27, 2003
life in potter
I think after all the reading on this site for over a year now this is going to be my stater rifle. Since savage has come out with there new trigger that is getting such good reviews. I think this will be a great place to start. The price I was quoted for the 112bvss in 300 wsm is $547.00 which isn't bad, I plan on putting a 8x20 lupy longrange scope on top. The 300 wsm is a step above the 300 win and will do everything I need. My end goal is to take a whitetail deer in potter co Pa across lushbaugh canone, I have a camp there. Anyway, any thoughts on this set up would be nice.

I have a 300WSM and a 300 win mag. The 300 win mag with a one inch longer barrel is 200 feet faster with 165 gr. scirocco. I like them both, but I think all the fuss over the 300WSM is a bit of hype. I can't comment much on accuracy as the 300WSM has a light barrel and groups about .9 inch while the 300 win mag has a heavy barrel and groups about .25 inch. I also shoot the Leupold long range M1 and like it. I had a bit of a problem, but Leupold replaced the scope.
I have a 300WSM Savage. I think the designation is 12FVSS (heavy, fluted, stainless steel). It shoots 1/2 MOA without much load workup. I have three 300 Win Mags but like the 300WSM better even though it shoots a little slower, aprox. 50fps slower. The brass for the WMS lasts much longer. Trigger is great. Stock feels flimsy but is obviously adequate. Love the thought of ordering a new chambered barrel and putting it on myself, saving a few hundred dollars and not having to ship off my rifle and be without it for weeks.
I think you will be pleased with this setup, and will find it very accurate. The factory Winchester Supreme ammo is very good if you don't intend to reload. I have a Savage 12BVSS in 300WSM that I use in 1000yd factory class bench rest matches. My gun will shoot 10 to 12 inch groups at that yardage..Not bad for a factory gun.

Good luck hunting in Potter county. I will be in Clearfield county looking for a nice buck at long range.,,,,,,,,By the way, my scope is a Leupold 6.5 x 20.
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