Savage 110 FCP-K ??


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Dec 18, 2004
I'm interested in one of these (300 Win Mag) with the accustock. Their listed under the Savage Law Enforcement series. Anyone have a range report or real hands on experience with one of these rifles and their accuracy? They come standard with a muzzle brake also; how effective is it? Thanks
I don't have one of those, but I recently got the 116fhsak.....not sure on the letters, but the weather warrior with accustock and the factory brake. I find the brake is very effective, I do not own any other rifles with brakes so I can't compare with other designs. I'm not sure if it is the same brake, but my 7RM recoils equal to or less than my 6mm rem. I like the feature of being able to close the brake also. I've done some shooting to 500yards which resulted in about 6.5" group off a bipod in the field with very bad sun glare. I really haven't shot the rifle that much to know exactly what to expect consistantly. At 100yards, I've seen .7-.8" groups, which I'm happy with and may do better with practice and tuning.

Does the model you mention have a heavy barrel?
Yes it's got a heavy (varmint contour) barrel. It's listed under the Law Enforcement series on Savage's web site.
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