savage 10 fp 300wsm

marlow 243

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May 18, 2003
i have a chance to get a pre accu in this round would like opnions on max 700yrd.deer & paper shooting if i put a trigger in itthanks
That's a fine little rifle you have there. I recently got a 110FP in .223 that doesn't appear to be have been shot very much. 4th and 5th groups @ 100yds measured in the low .3's. Not really benchrest material, but pretty good right after having neck fusion surgery.
The .300WSM is very capable of going the distance your asking. Some of these guys are shooting it to 1K now. With a little practice you should be all up in there.
Does yours have the "Tupperware" stock on it? Mine does and I'm waiting for my bedding material to come in so I can spruce it up. Good luck. Johnny K.
thanks johnny yes its tupp. its 3 yrs. old but is still new in the box i herd they dont make the 10 fp in the wsm anymore im going to try it out ive always had rem. but ive herd alot of good about the savage thanks again
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