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  1. luke5678

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    Jan 18, 2011
    My cousin has a .243 Sako rifle he inherited. It's probably 15-20 years old but looks almost new and has not been fired much if hardly at all. I heard Sako rifles are good rifles, is that true?

    He doesn't want a .243 and is looking to trade it in. What would it be worth or a good place to trade in for another rifle?


  2. azsugarbear

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    Sep 20, 2005

    The value depends largely on the model of the Sako you are looking at. Almost any Sako in good condition will bring $700 - $800. More if it is a true collector. Your best bet for current value is to check with the Sako Collectors Club:

    Sako Collectors Club Forum

    You can also check on the various websites like to see if anything similar has sold recently.

    Sako's have traditionally been great shooters right out of the box. While this 243 may turn out to be a great rifle and a great buy for you, it may not be a great long range rifle (if that is your goal). Rifles of 20 years ago typically had barrels with slower twists that may not be able to stabilize the longer, heavier bullets used today for long range shooting.

    Still sounds like a good find. Good luck to you.