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Feb 9, 2012
I am looking to sell my Sako 7mm STW in order to afford a new one. Nothing wrong with the old one, but I recently built a new STW that is exactly what I've always wanted, and now I have to pay for it.

The rifle for sale is a Sako model 995 - Factory original - no upgrades or changes other than a trigger job (2lbs, breaks like glass)
. You will love this trigger. If you are not familiar with this rifle, It is built on the TRG-S action, which is a magnum length, 3 lug push feed design. It has a 26" medium contour free floated barrel, black synthetic monte carlo stock with a nice palm swell. The action is a matte blue finish and the barrel & bolt handle are a high luster blue. One feature I really like is the detachable box magazine which holds 4 rounds and is plenty long to seat bullets out there.

Some background... I bought it 10 years ago when I lived in Colorado. I only hunted one elk season with it before I had to move to Illinois and I have not hunted with it since. I have fired exactly 60 rounds through it, all factory loads. More recently I got into handloading and I now have the opportunity to hunt out west again, so I put a new scope on it and got ready to work up some loads. That is when the NEW STW entered my life - One of those deals I just couldn't pass up.

The Sako
always functioned perfectly and is in 99% condition. For me this rifle was always a pleasure to shoot, recoil is very manageable, probably due to the stock design. Accuracy was very good and I was planning to refine it further with handloads. I have 2 sets of Leupold rings (med & high) that mate with the integral dovetail bases on the receiver. The rifle weighs 9.2 lbs with a brand new Leupold 4.5x14x40 matte VX3 CDS on it. I would sell with or without the scope.

Rifle with 2 sets of rings rings - $995.00 OBO

Rifle with scope & rings - $1490.00 OBO

Feel free to call me 970 946 3894 or email - [email protected]



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