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SOLD/EXPIRED Sako AIII 25-06 deluxe


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Oct 12, 2015
White Mountains, Arizona
I have a Sako Deluxe in 25-06 I'm listing. I still have the original box and a set of original rings, rings have never been used. The rifle is gorgeous, I can't find a blemish on the bluing. The only thing that's not perfect on the rifle is the finish, it's not a consist gloss. I took pictures and can take more if interested, there is also one very small rub mark, hard to even detect. Also, the recoil pad has hardened. Most of these old deluxes get stored resting on the recoil lad and get crushed, this one melts original form but it is hard now.

I'm gonna list it here for the next week and if there's no interest I'll move it over to GB. Why am I selling it? Well I'm a Sako nut and I intended to hunt with this rifle but I can't do it, it's just too pristine and I have plenty of hunting rifles. This needs to be in a collections somewhere imo.

I'm asking 1580.00 shipped and insured.


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