Run-out with Lee Collet die

D Scott

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Jul 1, 2011
Bend Oregon
My question is about the run-out I am getting with my Lee collet die, I am loading for a 22-250 with Winchester brass going on its fourth firing, annealed and trimmed to length after 2 firings.

I have been FLs ing and seating with RCBS dies and getting between 2-3 thous run-out on average some less than two, a few approaching 4 thous, all without neck turning.
I was trying the Lee neck sizing collet die and after neck sizing with the collet die my runout was .001" or better, on almost all of them.

After seating the bullet a barnes 55 gr FB, (previously loaded with .002-,003" runout)
my runout on the bullet was on average .005" (measured just in front of the brass neck about 1/8 inch), some where .004' and some over .006".

Why would I have such an increase in bullet runout using the collet neck sizing die, when the brass was .001" or less before seating ?when FLSizing on the RCBS using an expander ball and their regular seating die produce 2-3 thous runout on the same brass
I tried using two different seating dies to see if it was the die, but runout was the same.

Could anyone offer any advice on what the issue might be and how to correct it ?

Thank you in advance, Scott Platko


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Jul 16, 2007
I found the collet die to work best with neck turned brass, and use a bench rest type seater.


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