Rock chucker tall enough for 300RUM


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Dec 10, 2006
York, PA
Hey guys is the RCBS rock chucker tall enough to reload 300 RUM?
I was about to buy one and a friend of mine siad he thought it might not be tall enough.

Anyone know for sure?
I have no problems with my Rock Chucker press.

Bought mine about 35 years ago, so don't know if the current dimensions have changed any over the years. Call RCBS up. lightbulb If anyone would know, their technicians will.
Same here I use a Rock Chucker press as well and I don't have a problem at all with mine I load for the RUM to . Mine is also an older model but my friend has a newer one that he got last year and it looks to me to be identical.

I use an old(er) designed Rockchucker press, same one for the past 29 years. It handles my 300 RUM and 300 WBY just fine.
If the newer ones are even bigger - all the better. :D

You have bigger things to think about. Start at the Sinclar web site - order one of their catalogs, take a careful look at the case prep goodies.

If you are thinking about a 416 Rigby or 378 WBY based wildcat in the future, taking a look at one of the larger presses may not be a bad idea. However, the long stroke of that press when only loading a 308 based short cartridge will wear you out. I recently went to Wyoming for a PD shoot, it required 1800 rds for 2 shooters. The thought of running that many rds thru a x-large press makes my arm hurt just thinking about it.
I did call RCBS right after I posted this.
They said no on the old Rock Chucker it has 3.3 window and the 300 RUM needs 3.6 but the Rock Chucker IV and Supreme though is a 4.5 window and handles it fine.
i have used the rock chucker on a 300 rum, but it gets annoying, and if you are fooling with seating depths at all it gets annoying putting a loaded shell back in. i like the redding ultra mag press, but the price is a bit higher than the press i have, a redding boss 2, it handles my 338 edge fine i don't have a 300 rum anymore
Take a look at the Redding Ultra Mag Press-pricey but, worth every penny. It handles my 300rums with ease. +1 on the Sinclair catalog...they have some great stuff, rare if anything isn't in stock, have always got my order correct and on time, decent prices and they do a nice job on their catalog. They carry the Ultra Mag Press
Ram travel rather than window opening is the dimension that constrains a press's capability and should be recognized as such.
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