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Nov 27, 2005
Got a wild hair and put my IOR 6-24x50 on Ebay, well it sold. So I just bought a Nightforce NXS 55-22x50 and need rings. I was thinking of a pair of Glen Seekins rings or maybe the Nightforce. The Burris XTR rings look good and are reasonably priced, anyone have any experience with them or have any other suggestions?

I have sets in Warne, Burris Signature and Leupold so I'm familiar with those.

Can I get away with medium height with the Nightforce 50mm objective with a Sendero profile barrel or will I have to go to high? There are likely more Nightforce scopes "per capita" on this board than any other hunting board so I'm sure someone can give me some advice. Thanks
I'd go with NF Ultralite rings..5 differnets heights. As far as whether medium will work that depends on type of rifle...action/barrel. NF also carries steel rings as well.
How would you rate thr IOR SCOPE, Im shopping between IOR 3-18, & nxs 5-22. youre thoughts/
My NXS isn't even mounted yet but based on the other Nightforce scopes I looked thru I might be inclined to give the IOR the slight edge on glass, it's very subjective. I sold my IOR for a couple of reasons: I had the older model with the covered knobs, even with a 20MOA base I ran out of scope elevation around 1200 yards with a 338 EDGE. The Nightforce has a full 100 MOA of elevation. I've read the rumors about that particular model of IOR scope and shooting large magnum rifles with a brake and didn't want to chance it, although mine has held up fine. If I had to choose between the Nightforce and the IOR to use as a club I'd be swinging the Nightforce, it's a tank.

My understanding of scope mechanics is lacking but you would think with a 35mm tube and newly released 40mm tube you would have way more windage and elevation adjustments with the IOR. Normally not a huge deal but folks on this board tend to push way outside the envelope of the engineers concepts.
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Thanks Chas1 for the response, I'm leaning that way. Is there no one that has any experience with the Burris XTR rings?
Crane , I have a few sets of the burris rings, they are quit large, seem like over kill. Any way on one gun I HAVE , I think b square base and I THOUGHT the ring should be a little snugger, did not use torque wrench but should, but I ADDED A SMALL washer in front of nut, also ring is wide and my base did not have as much room for my cos. mnt, the width limits some scope adjustability , 4 1/2 oz low.
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