Rings & Base which ones?


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Jun 25, 2003
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I have found the rifle, a HS precision HTR .308win. Pricy, but it means I don't have to add or change anything and finding someone I trust to so any eventual work is a problem here.

The scope will be an NF 8-34x56, so I assume the best base and rings would be NF?

1 or 2 piece?

For the moment I don't plan to shoot over 500m so I don't need that much on the may of MOA but I would hope to shoot to 1K as soon as I get a better feel for the rifle and find a good spot to set up.


(BTW the rifle is surprisingly "cheap" compared to any of the other American imports here - up to and over 3K or for an XB, this is 2800Euro and much more solid and better finished rifle)
This is easy, anything that will fit on a Rem. 700 will go onto the HS.

Matter of fact HS sells some very nice mounts that would be a match to the rifle. Have the HS emblem on top of each ring shell. I have them and they are great on my HS rifle.
Can you believe it - I never said the B-O words when I talked about rings and bases
Mate, what are "toes" and the "B" and "O" words???

I am thinking of Baer Custom, just because they sell them at the same place I'll buy the scope.(www.brunoshooters.com - very cheap NF scopes)

At $280 for one peice base and 300mm steel ringe it seems pretty steep to me.

What is the rep for this gear and what are some alternatives?
"Toes" is a regular here (Little Toes), and he is very aware of my regular touting of Badger Ordnance mounts. Have to admit I REALLY like those mounts, why - because they are what they are.
Forget about 40 moa bases, no need and they would look like hell. Buy a 3.5-15 NXS or 4-16 Nikon Tactical or 6.5-20 Leupold LR and you are set.
Check out www.badgerordnance.com to see the B.O. stuff.
Ian what would you suggest to put on a Sako TRG-S, 30-378 FOR 500-?

Or do you know if the setup from a TRG41/42 would work on this action?

BTW have you tried the Nikon Titanium?

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The Baer Rings and base are a top-notch set up. Baer has a different clamping system on his rings that you normally see. They won't "tip" off - they have to be slid on from either end of the picatinney base, then the cross bolt is slid through the ring, through the slot in the base and into the other side of the ring, and tightened - there is no independant clamp or nut on the rings. It's a really neat, strong set-up. I have a NF 8-32 mounted in the Baer system on my Weatherby.
I have not had anything to do with those Sakos. If they have the Sako dovetail on the receiver I would look at the Warne rings for Sako, I have them on my old magnum length Sako and the 75's and they are very strong and simple. They are simply two pieces of steel, very sturdy and they clamp directly to the dovetails and their bottom is wedge shaped like the Sako dovetail.

Nikon Titanium - have shot them quite a bit, do not own one tho. Not a scope I would feel I had to own, their Tactical is a stronger model and much better for LR. In my opinion the Nikon and the titanium Burris Mr. T are good scopes but I believe the advertising guys got involved with these scopes - not sure they really offer something we need. Have to wonder if the extra $ are really there or worth-it compared to their standard scopes.

To answer your base question, I would go with the badger rail. As for the rings, look at the TSR rings from http://www.tacticalprecision.com they are every bit a nice or nicer than the bedger rings for less than half the cost(they're alum - not steel).
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