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After lots of digging around. I have decided to go with a FArrell base for my Win mod 70 Coyote in 300 WSM.

I have a Nikon scope with 44 mm objective. Using this FArrell base, what height rings would be recomended. I was thinking the Burris or Leupold PRW rings. Can't afford the Farrell rings yet.

Also, with this base 20 MOA will I be able to get a zero at 100 yards?

Any help would be great

I have what I believe is the same scope in Leupold QRW rings on a Farrell 20moa base on a heavy barrelled Remington 700 in .22-250. I can barely get a zero at 100 yards with the adjustment bottomed out. I have no problem getting the 100 yard zero with my 30mm tube Super Snipers mounted though. With the 1" tube, I would recommend less taper. Also, the Farrell base is pretty thick. And I found that medium height rings are too tall for a reasonable objective size such as what you have. I don't think you'll need anything taller than low rings.
I tried the Leupold bases..NO can do. 3 sets and the rear base is still not thick enough for me to get zero at 100 yards..I'm shooting below the target. What about the lightforce bases? 2 piece?

It's a base issue. If you run a straight edge across from the front to the rear base..I have a 1/16 gap above the rear base. I have seen several threads on this on other sites.

Ah, then the Farrell base will fix the problem. I think I would still think about the 15MOA base instead of the 20MOA for a 1" tube, but you will definitely get rid of the problem you are having. Good luck.
Maybe the Farrell 20 MOA is the ticket then. I am at the bottom of the DOWN adjustment and hit just at the top of the x-ring at 100 yards. Your problem just doesn't make sense to me unless your scope is sitting WAY above centerline. I've never had a problem zeroing any rifle at 100 yards with a flat base with any ring combination, I wonder if you have a scope problem. Do you have another scope you could mount and try?
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