Ring height low/medium


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Oct 21, 2003
I'm purchasing a 2.5-10X44 Nikon Tactical and was wondering what height rings I need. I have Leupold bases. Will I get away with the Low rings or have to go up the medium?

Thanks for any input.
I have mounted three of them but never in Leupold rings. I would be confident that you should use mediums, tho. Don't want to get too low or you cannot put on a protector like a Scope-Coat or Butler Creeks.
I have a 44mm. obj. on my Sako. I use the Leupold QD's (low), and have found them to be just perfect. And I use BC caps.

Good luck!!..sakofan..

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After further review, it seems my low rings are actually mediums. I hope this didnt cause any complications...sakofan..

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