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    #1 Savage ML'er-II Stainless (New) 50 caliber smokeless powder Has a brown laminated TH stock Non accu-trigger is adjustable. And included is the Black factory stock that came with it. $800.00 + shipping to your door no FFL required. I have a 3X9X40 available for $200 more but only sell as a package. Will not break up. This ML'er won't be avaiplable anymore, they still make the ML'er but blue only. The stock for this ML'er cost $275 after market alone. I am selling to make room for a new rifle. Besides I have 2 so one will go. No trades please, only trade I would consider would be a Savage Model 12 stainless target. Pictures to follow

    #2 Remington Model #7 blue, 22" barrel 7MM SAUM Mint condition I fired it to see if grouped, 1" at 100 will do better if you work up a load, I just put some reloads together to see if it would shoot. No more than 15 shot down the tube I want $650.00 + shipping FFL to FFL Have a 3X9X40 Leupold scope, If wanted for $200 more Both rifles come with rings and base. I just have too many rifles and due to health I just can't use them all. I will guarantee both rifles 100%. May even work a deal where we each pay half the shipping. These rifles are posted elseware Thanks Lou
    [​IMG] Everything is sold. Thanks Lou
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