Reseating factory norma ammo


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Dec 10, 2018
New mexico
I have a stack of loaded norma ammo I bought for the brass. I would prefer to shoot the ammo as foulers to empty the brass for loading but it is showing pressure signs in my gun. My reamer is set up for a slightly shallower throat than is typical of the cartridge in question. I suspect seating the bullets a little deeper into the case should remedy the problem. My question is:

Would there be any issue simply running the ammo through a seater die to set the bullets back a little deeper? The ammo is norma .270wsm oryx. My only real concern is if norma crimps their ammo to any extent that would cause issues I don't think I am at any real risk of compressing the loads. I can pull bullets and start from scratch with empty brass but would prefer to just shoot the stuff.

My smith still has the gun and the ammo so I haven't had a chance to really inspect and decide if seating depth is the issue. nor do I have many details at this point. But I am fairly certain my shallow throat is the issue.
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