Remington XR100 In .204 Ruger by Shane Green



Shane: Great Article! Nice “original” ACI!
One more interesting tid-bit about wind and light bullets... There is a huge difference between shooting .308, 6.5 etc, and the very fast lighter bullets. Once upon a time while attending a varmint shoot, I spotted for a fellow who was shooting a 6mm that had a velocity of approximately 3200 FPS with a feather-weight bullet.

The target size was 5" in diameter and sitting at 500 yards, and there were two winds to cancel out. One wind was at the muzzle coming from 5:00 with a velocity of approximately 5 mph, and the other coming from 3:00 at approximately 7 mph. When the bullet hit the second wind at 400 yards, it kind of started to push left, however it immediately climbed outside its edge, missing the target by about a 1/2" at 1:00.


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Jun 1, 2008
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Great article. I won this exact rifle at a banquet about 2 years ago. I just installed a scope and shot it about a month ago and what a nice shooting rifle and extremely accurate with factory ammo. However, I did not have the same experience with Federal's ammo that you did. In fact of the three brands I tested in my XR100 the Federal shot the worst, Remington was the second best and the Hornady was the best. At 100 yds, I shot 1/4-1/2" groups from the Hornady ammunition and the Remington was around 1/2-3/4" and the Federal was 1/2-1"+. The Federal ammo just wasn't consistent for me. However, there are differences in every individual rifle and what works in one might not work in another so yours might just like the Federal loads better. I'm now working on a handload with 39gr bullets for the 204 with some good success under 1/2" so I hope to be seeing sub 1/4" groups soon.

I will say that I love this rifle and it's probably the prettiest rifle I own. I don't own many though! :)
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Jun 18, 2012
Hi I shoot a Howa 204 it only licked Reminton in 32g or 40g it'll shoot a 5 shot group into 3 holes at 220 yards but only with one batch of 32g Rems opening up to half an Moa using a different batch on the same time this after cleaning the barrel after 10 shots It won't shoot Federals past 150 yards they drop 4to5 inches at 200 yards Horrnby open up to a useless 2inch group at 100 yards! The price of Rems is any thing from £120 to £2 a round and hard to get so I've tried working up a home load using a 39g blitz kings but with no luck despite trying different brass and powders So I'm having a 204 built that I'm told will take a home load I will lett you know the finished spec and how it works when I test it Ill be happy to share the lodes too All this so I can shoot rabbits out to 600 yards her in the uk


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