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i wasn't trying to violate any rules by posting that......but what's special about these, other than only 2,427 were ever made......from what i can gather, in the early 1940's they were Remington's newest rifle, and a plan to phase out the model 30-S with the 720 was in the works, but shortly after the first 1,000 rifles hit the civilian market, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. this prompted the Military to buy up the remaining 720's that Remington had in stock (approx 1500). they also stuck a contract with Remington to immediately begin producing the model 1903 for the expected war time.

has anyone out there ever shot a 720 ?.....i also read they're highly sought after for custom builds because the action is supposed to lock up very tight.
Dunno how true this is, but here's the best story I can find.

Remington 720 -

Well - what do you want to know?

The 720 is based upon the 1917 military rifle - it is strong as heck - more accurate than I am - and is a beautiful rifle.

It has a neat story to tell as well (and I am condensing a bunch)

In 1941 Remington releases the model 720 in 30-06, 257 Roberts, and 270 Winchester. Barrel lengths 20" 22" 24". Several sight configurations including Lyman #48.

They start being sold on the open market when that little unpleasantry at Pearl Harbor happens.

The US Navy contact Remington and says we need rifles - Remington says well we'd like to help but the line is all setup for these 720's - so the Navy says "We'll buy em all - now start war production"

Remington puts the 720's together and sends them to the Navy - they don't know what to do with them so they pack them away next to the Ark of the Covenant (sorry different story).

Fast forward to the late 60's - they Navy is cleaning up the warehouse and comes across these rifles (roughly 1,000 of them) - "Yo Chief, whadda we do with these old hunt'n rifles?" "I don't wanna count em - destroy'em" - - well a couple of well placed competitive shooters hear this and run to the Secretary of the Navy. They convince him that he will be enshrined forever in shooting history if he "awards" these rifles to the top Navy / Marine shooters. Being vain as heck - he agrees... so the Navy / Marines start handing them out to VERY high placed shooters. Brand New - In the Box - Never molested Rifles - they are a true piece of art. They engrave the floor plate on some - others they don't (too darn lazy after a while).

So Remington 720's can still be found brand new.....

Now on the civilian side - 1400 or so rifles get sold to the public. Smart hunters know they are really cool guns so they hunt the living snot out of them. Others buy them, love them, fondle them gently and treasure them as a fine sporting weapon.

So you can still find civilian rifles in very good condition - sometimes even close to new.

Of course some smart states hear about these guns and turn them into sniper rifles (like the Michigan Highway Patrol).

So there you go - a short history with a bunch left out - ask specific questions and I will talk (type) your ear off.

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