Remington 700ml 45cal smokeless

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    Mar 1, 2013
    Remington 700ml that's been converted to a smokeless muzzleloader it is 45 caliber sabotless. I have shot this gun very little. The farthest I've shot it is out to 300 with 1 1/2 groups or less. The build consist of Remington 700ml action, hunter bolt nose kit, savage style breech plug, McGowen barrel fluted by Marty Kolbet at twisted barrel with Harrell's break installed, HS precision stock that has been bedded, Murphy precision rail. The scope is a Vortex viper HS 6-24x50 dead hold BDC with vortex rings. The gun has a bead blast finish and you want find a flaw on it and the scope and rings are brand new just put it on there. I have powder and loading tools to go with the gun. Parker match hunter and ballistic extremes fit this barrel perfectly without sizing. Feel free to ask any questions. No trades. $2300 shipped.

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