remington 700 VTR .223 Scopes????


Jan 24, 2010
Pepin, wi
I have a Rem. 700 VTR .223 and have a scheels close by. Any thoughts on a scope for around $300-$400? Weather a scheels brand is good or not?

I went with a scheels paragon 4-18x56 mildot. Paid $399. Mostly target but will go for coyotes too(200-300yrds) and hopefully some p-dogs. So far clear and good tracking. I like the over the no questions asked counter warranty(if I ever need it).
Shoots good so far. Had 3/4"-1" groups after sight in at 100yrds. temps. were around 10-12 above with 3-5 mph breeze. I might have been shivering a little on those groups though.
P.S. With the muzzle break, earplugs are a must.
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