Remington 700 Special Run 300 WSM


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May 25, 2005
Northern Alberta
Well i finally bought a gun after a lot of reading, looking and getting my hands on a bunch of different rifles. I ended up with a remington 700 laminated thumbhole in 300 WSM. Remington was the last rifle on my list but i love the feel and got a smoking deal.

I tore it apart and cleaned the action barrel etc and noticed in the stock above the swivel stud there is a built up portion of the stock that the barrel sits on. After putting the stock together I went to run a bill under the barrel to see if it free floated. Well it stopped right there above the swivel stud.

Anyone with this particualr gun? Did you leave this in? remove it? anyone have an opinion on this. I believe its definaltey going to effect accuracy with the barrel sitting on this.

Any info would be appreciated.


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Pretty much any remington you buy will have this. most people sand them out including me. However its probably smarter to shoot it first because there is a slight chance its one of those rifles that likes a little up pressure on the barrel... More than likely it will shoot better with it gone
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