Remington 700 Mountain Rifle (blue) in 260 Rem


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Jul 8, 2009
I just picked this up used and have not even shot it yet. 22 inch SKINNY barrel. I don't even own a gun like this but, there it was, 260 Remington, Little Box magazine, mat bluing and pretty figure in the low sheen wood. OK, so I'm 60 years old and STILL impulse buy.

Anybody ever hunted one of these? I like the 6.5 for bc and because there is a good bullet selection including some AB's. I don't know what the factory barrel will stablize so any guidence will save me from buying the wrong bullets.

I bought NO factory ammo, but, now have my dies and 100 rem cases to start. I will go for White Tail through 400 in another month or so. I am also working up an antelope hunt with my brother for next year (another old guy).

Advice and comments please. If you know the gun won't shoot, be gentle. It IS a pretty little thing.

Thanks rc
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I can't vouch for the 260 but I had one in 30-06. It shot the daylights out to around 300 yards, then it seemed unless I had an absolute rock solid rest, it became hard to hold very steady. At 100 it would really shoot one hole groups. Also I had a difficult time getting it to shoot maximum loads very well, don't know if barrel vibrations got too much or what. For hunting it was not a big deal, but after 3 or so shots the little barrel got pretty hot. Again no experience with the 260 but basically the same rifle............
IMO, great little rifle, easy to carry, point and shoot. I had the Mountain Rifle LSS (Laminated, stainless steel) in .260 Rem and it will flat out slap a whitetail down. I bought it for my son but he outgrew it (so he thought) and had to have my .25-06 Sendero.
I loaded both the 100 and 120gn Ballistic Tips for it and it shot sub 1/2" (usually .3-.4's) but you have to let the barrel cool between shots while doing load development.
For the 100gn NBT I settled on 43.0gn of IMR4064 and CCI BR2's. The tightest group I shot with this load during development was .2565". I started out at 39.0gns and goups ran dime size, so it seemed to like this powder/primer combo throughout the range. For the 120gn NBT I used 46.5gn of H4350 with Remington 9.5 primers and it averaged 2980fps.
My 16yr old son could routinely hit 20oz Mt Dew plastic bottles filled with water at 500yds even with a Leupold Compact 3x9 scope on it. He was hell on whitetails with that thing.
I took the pressure point out of the stock's forearm and although it didn't affect the overall accuracy or consistency of this rifle either way, I did have to re-zero it. This wasn't your ordinary zero shift either, I missed the whole backstop (3'x3') with the first two shots at 100yds. I had to move in to 25yds to find out which direction it was shooting! Thought I had messed up, but once I dialed it back in it went right back to printing tiny little groups.
I recently sold/traded it to my boss man and he's very happy with it and I'm happy with the deal also. Hope this helps. JohnnyK.
I bought one a few years back and it sound just like the OP's gun. It really is a nice little woods rifle and a joy to carry. I put a Leupold 1.75-6x on it and it makes a good combo.

I actually bought it for my wife, who occasionally shoots it a little. I used to to shoot a 125# meat doe about 100 yards out with Remington Factory ammo (120 BT) and it did what one would expect. With the Rem loads, it is good for about 1-1/4" groups at 100 yards. It may do better with handloads, but for a light hunting rifle that doesn't get much use, I'd rather shoot factory ammo and save my handloading efforts for my real long range guns.
I have a 7mm08 in the same model. Mine will shoot under .5" 3 shot groups.
I suggest shooting 3 shot groups & letting the barrel cool down between loads.
I think that you will enjoy this rifle & it will be hard to leave at home when you go hunting.
I'm envious of your find. Easier to find a hen's tooth.

With 130 grain bullets H4350 is your friend.

With nothing but a trigger job it will shoot alright, no worries there.

Great rifle!
For anyone interested there was a Remington 700 LSS Mountain Rifle in .260 Rem at Shooter's Discount in Roanoke, VA. I don't imagine it has gone anywhere. JohnnyK.
I have the exact gun and I could not get it to shoot with the pressure point in the stock. I free floated the barrel and the first load I tested just about put 3 bullets into one hole at 100 yds. I used Reloader 19 with a 110gr Accubond I don't remember what the charge was but I got it out of last years Nosler reloading guide #5 I think. It's a great little gun and round I hope you enjoy it.
Have the same rifle too I love it for hunting high ground on foot. 48 Grains of H-4831 with Nosler 125 partition is the load I use for deer and I have never had to shoot one a second time with most a couple of wobbly steps and lights out.
Took the rifle to the range yesterday with a ladder test of loads for the 129gr Hornday SSt (great bc). I set up with H4831SC, CCI primers, and Rem brass. I found a node at 45.0 that gave me .48 in 5 shot group at 100. Not too bad for a skinny barrel.

The 260 Remington Mountain Rifle will stablilize the 129 SST and will produce a 5 shot sub 1/2 minute group at a hundred. I did it yesterday. It will be my light carry gun this fall.

You just gotta love it....:D
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