SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 7mm magnum package


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Apr 16, 2008
Gulf Coast FL
I would like to sell my 7mm Remington Magnum. The rifle started life as a R700 ADL synthetic that was made in march 2002. It shot 3/4MOA in the factory non floated synthetic stock with core lokt and powershock and then I did some upgrades and haven't shot it since. It has about 100 rounds through it and is in good shape. It has some rub marks on the barrel which I'll get detailed pics of but thats it. The action is very smooth and all around its a great rifle.

When I upgraded the rifle I got an older 700 ADL walnut stock off gunbroker for $125 which is a gorgeous piece of wood IMO. I opened up the barrel channel for the magnum barrel contour and floated it. The barrel channel is perfect down both sides of the barrel, I really took my time sanding it out to make it perfect. I had a trigger job done and all the internals polished up which ran $75 and breaks at about 2.5lbs. I also upgraded the trigger guard to a steel remington one which was another $60. I also had a Pachmayer Decelerator recoil pad install on the wood stock which was another $50.

The scope is a Japanese Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9x40 with the DOA 600 BDC reticle that I paid $350 for. It's mounted in Leupold standard 2 piece mounts and I will sell the rifle with or without the scope.

I also have a 20 round box of Federal Powershock 150gr, and a 20 round box of Federal Fusion 150gr I can offer with the rifle.

I have a lot of money in the setup but I know I'll never get it all back out of it. Here is my pricing breakdown.

$825 shipped for the complete rifle with scope, ammo, and all.

$625 shipped for just the rifle with no scope or ammo.

$225 shipped for the scope.

I'm not interested in parting out the rifle, how I have the pricing broken down is as far as I'll break down the package. I have no problem splitting the rifle and scope up but the mounts stay with the rifle. Payment via USPS MO only, no paypal please. "Shipped" prices include ground shipping with insurance for its full value. Please be sure your FFL will accept from a private individual, I have no problem providing them with my info or a copy of my ID to log the rifle in if need be.

I will get more detailed pics up tomorrow but here is what I have for now.




The scope is now sold.

The price for everything minus the scope and ammo is $625 shipped. If you want the ammo it will be $40 if I can ship it with the rifle or $40 + shipping if I have to ship seperate.
$600 shipped for the rifle minus scope and ammo.

$475 shipped for the barreled action and trigger

$150 shipped for the stock, ADL mag box, spring, follower, steel trigger guard, and hardware.
Thank you, it did come out very nice. If I can be of any assistance feel free to PM me. I'll be taking it to a gun show this weekend to try to sell for more so I can't guarantee it will be available after that.
The barrel is 24". Not sure one the weight without weighing it. I'd guess 8lbs or so without optic.

The stock is very nice no doubt but I don't think it's worth $500. I paid $125 for it as a older ADL takeoff and then opened up the barrel channel. Its a beautiful piece of wood but I dont think it's $500 beautiful. There's a sucker born every day though so maybe it is. If you find somebody willing to pay that I'd be glad to split it down the middle with you.
It's very nice, not easy to get a piece of wood this nice, I'd buy it for the wood if I could get my Model 70 in it.

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