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SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 257/STW

Donnie m

Dec 12, 2009
As posted Remington action 257/STW with a Montana Gun works Stainless barrel and muzzle brake.
Explore 4 X 16 scope with mil dots and adjustable reticle.
Remington composite stock with Gamegaurd camo finish.
Redding 257/STW reloading dies.
2 Box's new 257/STW brass primed with Fed 215 match primers.
This gun shoots like a dream last time through Chronograph 3,880 with 81 Grains RL 25 and Barnes 100 Grain TSX.

Having a new gun built so something has to go. Call Donnie (281)734-5380
$2,250.00 OBO SOLD,PENDING Funds Thanks Jerry
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