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  • Jerry:

    They sent the scope back to me - because you did not go and pick it up.
    They sent you notices to come and pick it up.
    After so many notices- they return to sender.
    I was amazed to see it!
    They tell me I'd have to pay to ship it again.

    Give me your ship to address - include the - xxxx numbers after the zipcode.

    Call me: (307) 856-6427

    Send me $20 for shipping.

    7 vista ct.
    Riverton, WY 82501-9269

    I filled out a claim form and will send it to the St. Louis, MO claims dept.

    But, the earliest is 21-days after the mailing date of lost package (March 2, 2012).

    So, Saturday, the 24th I will mail it in to them.

    And since the pkg. did not arrive - they will send the money here - and that may take over 30-days...

    Let me know if you ever receice the Leupold scope!

    (307) 856-6427 home
    (307) 851-6011 cell

    chris_59 at q.com
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