SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 Sendero .300 win Stainless Fluted, As New!

edward hogan

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May 7, 2003
Have mentioned this on my barrels thread. This rifle was orig a .300wby Sendero SF. I walked miles of Alaska trail with it and didn't even need a sling. Lightweight and super accurate.

The weatherby was not the ctg for me, so I found a Brand New Unfired SF barrel in .300 Win Mag. That barrel has been fired only once/twice to check headspace. I checked it once on a RCBS Precision Mic and that's been it. I bought a Sako TRGs42 in .300mag before the barrel came in and just never shot the sendero again...

Rifle is now for sale. Had 28rds of wby through the action. Win mag barrel is unfired. Short OAL chamber, headspaces on shoulder. Great for brass longevity and accuracy. Virgin brass closes easily, but only stretches about .001 to fill chamber. Not a neck turner, just needs almost SAAMI minimum sized brass, but that is a Good Thing!

Rifle is As-New except for small thin scratch on triggerguard. Buyer can purchase new guard, (Maybe Williams SS?) and I will buy-back the scratched guard for $85. The funds will cover a new complete floorplate assy from Brownells.

Rifle is $1100 plus shipping to FFL holder for transfer.

email me at [email protected] if you want pix or to discuss purchase. Also have a variety of additional premum stocks, including a McMillan EDGE opened up a bit to accept the Sendero SF barrel and includes a Williams blued floorplate; also have H-S Precision Tactical w/adj LOP and Karsten saddle cheekpiece in OD Green, and a H-S PSS stock.

Very nice early 00s all stainless rifle, ready to go.

Am open to parting the rifle out, and also trades with some cash.