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SOLD/EXPIRED Rem. 700 Long F/S

Kevin Cram

Well-Known Member
Mar 9, 2004
Danville, PA
Hey guys, I have a fully blueprinted Remington action, .308 bolt face w/ sako extractor and Holland Recoil Lug for up for sale. The action is single point trued using GTR tooling. The threads are opened up .008" and the recoil lug is bored over that amount as well. The action is fully ready to be installed on a new custom barrel. I've been blueprinting actions this way for 10 years using GTR tooling. I also did a video of my process on youtube if you want to see how it's done.

The complete package is $700 plus shipping to your FFL. Or I'd be more than happy to barrel it up for you. If you break everything down the action itself is only costing $350.

Blueprint - $175
Holland Recoil Lug / Bored and Fitted - $50
Sako Extractor Conversion - $125
Remington Action - $350

Check or Money Order

Remington L:A #1.jpg

Remington L:A #2.jpg

Remington L:A #3.jpg

Remington L:A #4.jpg
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Stocking trued R700's now?

Hmm I smell Ready to ship rifles soon!

Great deal from a quality builder here!
How did you guess, I got off the phone with Kevin last night and put in an order for a complete build. From what I have read about Montour County Rifles and talking with Kevin I think that my first custom gun will be AWSOME.

Hi Guys,

The action I have listed is sold. Since you can't edit an original post post no more I thought I should at least post a reply instead.

kaseyfied, No the bolt face you need for a 6.5-284 is a standard or aka 308 bolt face.

Norseman, Sorry I don't have any stainless 700's at this time. Yes, I'm using a GTR bushings and mandrel but my fixture. My method and Gregs bushings and mandrel is the only way to truly blueprint an action the right way.


Hi, Kevin .

Have you ever built a .338-300 or Edge for any of your customers ? I'm thinking about an Edge .

Plenty. It's a very popular long range hunting cartridge.
Do you have a .338 -300 Match Reamer and would you be willing to true my Sendero .300 Remington action ? My step father has been a machinest for several years I though he could install my barrel but I would rather someone like you true my action . I will call you sometime for more questions .