SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 LA Mag action, SS ** SPF **


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Feb 17, 2013
I have up for sale a Rem 700 Long Action, Magnum boltface, Stainless Steel action.
Its is looks great and still shoots great.

Here are the options:
Action only: $ 515 shipped
Action and DBM Bottom Metal $ 580 shipped
Barreled Action (7mm Rem Mag, 24")
and DBM Bottom metal: $ 645 shipped
If you want the original Stock, just let me know.
- All Shipments are to your FFL.
- USPS MO or Bank check preferred.

PM or text with any questions
Text 716-352-5507

Thanks for looking!
PS:posted on other site also


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Re: Rem 700 LA Mag action, SS

How many rounds down the tube? How much for the barrel?

Also, the DBM is the detachable mag, right?

You don't have a stainless LA standard bottom metal (floorplate style) and stainless action screws for sale do you?

Shoot me a PM if you'd prefer to respond that way...
Re: Rem 700 LA Mag action, SS

Mudrunner2005: I hope these answers help.

Round count - total unknown.
I purchased the rifle as a complete setup with a scope used this year.
I have put less than 60 factory rounds down it myself
Was just starting my own loads.
It did not look abused - but was definitely used for hunting before me.

Parting out - looking to sell the action primarily.
Barrel - would sell it separate once action sold, $85 shipped.
DBM is the Factory Detachable Magazine triggerguard/frame/magazine.
- I am keeping it with the action for the $580 price, with the SS screws, again until action sells first.

I don't have a standard drop out floor plate bottom metal frame.

Thanks for the interest.
Re: Rem 700 LA Mag action, SS

Thanks for the answers...If nobody wants the stainless DBM bottom metal setup and stainless action screws, I might be interested in it. Keep me updated.