Rem 700 Accuracy Problems


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Feb 14, 2012
First post here, but have been reading on this forum a bunch. I found this site very valuable in the past about buying scopes, bullets, etc, etc.

With that said I have a Rem 700 5R in 300 win with a 26 inch barrel that I am having a tough time getting to group. I am shooting factory loads and have spent hundreds of dollars trying to get something to hold a decent group. If I was smart enough I would post a pic of an avg group, but I can tell you this gun is the least accurate gun I own, and I own a bunch! I have the same exact gun in 308 with 20 inch threaded barrel that will hit the same hole every shot. I am not expecting the same accuracy out of my 300 as the 308, but I could have went to Wal-Mart and bought a gun that would shoot better than this 300 does. The best ammo I have found at this point is HSM 210 grain Berger and I have tried just about everything out there at this point. Trust me I understand that reloads are much more accurate, but at this point in time I do not have time to reload. I bought the gun to hunt in the Midwest with and most of my shots are inside 500 yards. All of my shooting at this point has been at 100 yards. I have a place where I can shoot 500 yards, but I haven’t dare tried this thing at anything over 100 yet in fear I might hit someone in the next county. The “adjustable” trigger is let all the way out and pulls at just over 4#’s…. The same trigger in my 308 will go down to 3#’s. Both of my guns have the same scope (Luepy Mark 4 6.5X20 50mm) and same rings, bases and everything.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

I have a rem 700 300wm also and had the same problem. I was shooting reloads and just couldn't get good groups, 1.5 moa at 100yrds. I kept trying different loads just wasn't happy with my groups. I then went to a local shooting range and talked to a few reloaders out there and one asked what kind of cleaner was I using. Well found that the cleaner I was using didn't clean copper fowling. Tried a different cleaner and my groups went from 1.5 moa to .2-.35 moa @100yrds and .5 moa @ 300 yrds. So besure you are using a cleaner that says it cleans cooper fowling.
I have had one or more of the following done to a Rem 700 rifle to improve its accuracy. Glass bed the action, free float the barrel, adjust the trigger pull, lapp the bolt locking lugs. and recrown the muzzle. I have gotten a used rifle that shot pore groups untill I cleaned the barrel with a copper solvent.
As above, I'd have a gunsmith check the crown. Many factory barrels will have a bur or two on the crown that can affect accuracy. I've had the crowns cut on my 700's and it cost around $35 for each.
I have seen this kind of problem with 2 remingtons . Take a dollar bill underneath your barrel hold each end of the bill and try to slide it between the fore end of the stock and barrel. Try to make it nearly all the way to the action, where the barrel screws into the action . If you cannot get the dollar bill to slide between the two then I would just about guarantee that if you free float the barrel (yourself). You can shrink your groups by nearly half . In fact I personally feel that if a gun is not free floated then your wasting time, money , and ammo. Just my opinion . Hope you get it figured out and good luck.
Could be many things as the posts list. The barrel is a good place to begin. I've had to send a rifle back to Remington to have the barrel finish lapped. Worse barrel I have seen was the bore .020" off center. So inspect the bore after cleaning, should be bright with no dark spots. Check the crown, if it's not perfect have it recrowned. Then move to the stock. Float the barrel and check the bedding. Rebed if necessary. Replace the trigger with a quality one. If none of this works and you want to keep it, have a smith true the action, replace the barrel and cut a match chamber. Sky is the limit.
Your not alone my remmington 700 5R 300 WM seems to have gone astray also last week I took mine out with three different bullet combinations plus my reloads. The Hornady did best at 2" consistent the rest would put two at 1" then they would scatter bad. I'm going to check a few things over mentioned on here otherwise I'm going to trade it off on the new savage 10/110 FCP HS Precision in 300
Thought I would give an update, I have found an error on my part of the rifle so I corrected that and tomorrow after church I'm off to the range to see if what I adjusted fixes my problem
Sorry I have been away for a while and thought I would give an update on my 700. First off thanks everyone for your replies.

I took a target and my gun to a gunsmith that specializes in long range rifles. When he first looked at the target he said trigger. He then took my stock off to look into it a little further. He said my action had a lot of "wobble" in it. So he is going to glass bed it and put a new trigger in it. He did tell me that he sees the trigger issue with a bunch of the newer Remington's.

It does kind of tick me off that I bought what I thought was pretty much top of the line rifle from Remington, but I still have to put money into it. Trust me I know in order to shoot long ranges you have to tweak rifles, but heck at 100 yards??
Trust me I know in order to shoot long ranges you have to tweak rifles, but heck at 100 yards??

you have to be able to shoot good at 100 yards to shoot good at 1000gun)

I love remingtons, but everyone i touch seems to need work before it will shoot well.
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