Reloading 350 legend


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Dec 28, 2017
Just bought a 350 legend Winchester XPR so I can use a rifle when I hunt in Iowa with my brother and sister. This year I’ll be using store bought ammo to hunt but I’m gonna start reloading it for a fun little target practice gun in the future, since the ammo can’t seem to stay on the shelves here and it seems like it’d be cheap to shoot for practice. 20” barrel if that makes a difference in your guy’s recommendation.

Has anyone developed decent practice loads for it yet? Or hunting loads? What would a good powder be? I’ve never loaded for any straight walled rounds other than some 9mm I loaded for a friend since he didn’t have a press.

for powders I’m really trying to find one that’s readily available since I only have H414 and IMR 4831 right now, so I’ll have to buy a new powder jug for it.