reloader 22 and 25

Jul 7, 2001
is there a lot of difference between these two powders when used in a 300 weatherby with 190 or 200 grain mkhp bullets out of a 26 inch barrel?what loads would you use?
also my friend has a 300 ulta has a 30 hart barrel.can these powders be used in this gun and get good results?
another question i have is does a remington action need the rails opened up a lot to convert a 300 win mag to 300 ultra?
gary b.
Gary.I sent you two e-mail's but I do not think they got through.I think the RL25 would be better with the heavy bullet's.I have used H870' H1000' RL22' 7828' and RL25 in my Ultra and I have stuck with RL25.We used H870 H1000 and RL25 in the Weatherby and RL25 gave the best accuracy and velocity.We got around 2900fps with the 220gr MK out of a 26" tube.
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