Reloader 15 & temp sensitivity; who has tested ii?

Alan Griffith

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Aug 22, 2005
Mouth of Hobble Crk Canyon, Utah
It's all here! New gun, scope, dies and components. My research indicates Reloader 15 is a solid performer with the 120-130 gr class of bullets for the 6.5x47 Lapua. I load Reloader 22 & 25 and am aware of it's sensitivity to temp swings. I read where some think Reloader 15 does the same. I'm not looking for heresay. I'm looking for individuals who actually witness temp swings when using Reloader 15.


Last weekend the temps were in the mid 30sF. I had some .308 reloads with 150bt and r15. According to QL, my hottest loads should have been faster than 2850fps. I was expecting something at least close to that, instead all I could squeeze out was 2666fps from my 20"bbl!!! It was a very good group, but the FPS weren't in the ballpark. That has me stumped??? The only thing I can guess is extreme temp sensitivity? Its my first experience with r15, but I'm not too impressed.
BTW, I shot 2 other rifles that day and one showed within 10fps of where it should be, but another with factory ammo was also about 100fps slow.
I'm actually hoping someone can shed some light on this.

Sorry to hijack with my first post. I can't say that R15 was temp sensitive in my case, I really don't know. The rifle I used was an LTR with a VERY long throat (.2") so that could have something to do with it. It also may have been the br2 primers not being hot enough? I'm going to do more experimenting with OAL and maybe magnum or WLR primers to see if that affects things. I'll also shoot again in warm weather to see if temp had anything to do with it.
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