SOLD/EXPIRED RBros 300 ultra mag


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Aug 30, 2005
Murray, Ky.
Well guys my ADHD is getting the best of me. I can't stay with anything very long. I just spoke for a 7mm Dakota on surgeon action built by Jim See. So my RBros 300 ultra mag has to go, I wish I'd of been born rich instead of so good looking I'd keep em

Here it is 300 ultra mag built by RBros gunsmithing. Trued Remington action, bushed bolt that is smooth as silk. Jewel trigger w/top safety, manners t2 stock with Seekins bottom metal and one Seekins mag. Stock has adjustable butt with spacers, two swivel studs in front one in back. The barrel is a 28" rock 1-11 1/4" twist deep flutes and a defensive edge 3 port brake. Has black gun coat finish on metal. I will also let the nightforce 20moa base and ultralight nightforce rings go with it. Bipod not included.

All I did was shoot it at 100yds, all I've got this time of year tell the crops get out. It will shoot the 210 smk's into a half inch easy with us-869 and fed 215 primers. It's got 37 rounds down the barrel.
If I actually had somewhere to shoot it at long range I wouldn't have gotten bored with it but as I said ADHD is getting the best of me.

I'll take $2650 shipped and insured in conus for everything above plus 50 prepped and weight sorted new rem brass. All this would cost well over $3000 and a pretty good wait as well. Your ffl must accept from individual. Postal money order only or you'll have to wait for personal check to clear my bank.

Here's some pics:





Guys, this rifle shoots killer. I was the previous owner. And that bolt runs like a dream. Good luck bud!

If my rifle buying was slow right now I would buy it back. I have 3 rifles I have never shot at my gunsmith right now. Are you interested in trades, ha ha!
Bad thing is unless they hurry up and get these crops out I'll probably be selling another one in a couple months. The one I've got coming is one Jim see at centershot rifles built. It's a beautiful looking gun as well. You can only have so much fun at 100yds. As I stated before my ADHD gets the best of me. Time for something different.
I have the exact same rilfe, but in 7 WSM and it's a shooter. Like you, I am always looking for the Holy Grail in rifles. I have way too many. It should sell quick. RBro's make a great rifle!!
I'll sell it with a set of leupold 30mm PRW rings and knock $100 off that's $2550 with prw rings instead of nightforce ultralight rings.
Did I read that right??? Only 37 round down the barrel?

Yes, there'd be a whole lot more if I had somewhere to shoot. I've only got 100yds until the crops get cut. No sense in shooting at 100 I can't tell how a load is going to perform unless I have at least 250yds. I've seen far to many guns shoot lights out at 100 and leave me very dissapointed at 250 and beyond.
Another bump and price drop. $2475 with Leupold 30mm PRW rings, $2575 with NF ultra light rings.
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