Range report on 7 SAUM, 168 VLD Bergers


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Apr 11, 2009
South Florida
Finally got back to the range to do a little load testing with my 7mm Remington Short Action Utility Mag, a load ladder and 168 Bergers. :D
The weather has been nice this week. Sunny and in the 50*s. Settled on 65 grains of Magpro over a WLR primer for 2953 fps ave. Chronoed.
When I jumped the Bergers .080" I got 1/2 MOA before I ran out of ammo.
I'll need to go back to adjust the load a little bit, now that I have the jump settled. These will almost fit into the magazine so I'll try just a little longer jump too, maybe .085 or so.
While researching my come ups I learned this load might be OK for 700 yard elk.

Also, called Leupold and scheduled to get my old VX-1 outfitted with target knobs for $120. They must have lowered their prices. $80. for one turret and $120. for both, shipped. Happy Camper :D

Have you noticed any temp sensitivity in the Mag Pro? I want to try that one out. RL17 seems to be really unstable.


Magpro has been very temperature table for me at least compared to the benchmark: H 4831. Magpro is a dual base powder, and that may help.

What suprised me most is that a one-grain-from-top-load of RL 22, and a o-g-f-t-load of Magpro shot to virtually the same POI with the same bullets.
Go figure.
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