Racoons and automatic feeder lights


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Oct 6, 2017
i have a ton of racoons under my deer feeder ( 4 at the same time on the camera ) if i add automatic lights red or green colored to my feeder, and the racoons show up, will they get scared away from the automatic light?

i was thinking i could pick them off with a rifle when the lights turn on ( need to look up if thats even legal in tn, but ill do that later. )

thank you
sid, I watched a TV show where they did it with hogs in Texas. Sitting in a blind at close range. The green light did not bother them. I have hit racoons with a white light and it does cause alarm. A red or green light does not bother them very much. My brother has the perfect 500 yard hog shot from his barn if you can see them with a Nightforce under the green light at that range. Anxious to here your report.
1 ordered green lights, and i found out that it is legal to shoot racoons at night, so we will see if it works :)
Racoons are extremely stupid, dont make a sound or move then they wont mind.

We have a coon problem on our property also. We quit feeding corn because they were costing us a fortune. Started trapping last year with dog proof traps from Z Trap.
During the month of Feb of 2016 caught a total of 32 coons and possum. This year we hope to triple that number if we can.
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