Question on Bell and Carlson A2 Medalist?

John-Pure Precision

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Feb 2, 2009
Grand Junction Colorado
I am looking to get a A2 Medalist stock for my 700 long action and was wondering if they come with a blind magazine model? I just do not want to use the drop plate because I have a Wyatt's extended mag box.
If they do make one what is the referance code, is it "DBM". Thanks for the help
No. DBM would be detachable bottom metal.

You want ADL, and I don't see one in the A2 style. They do have them in the Carbelite.
Yea I did some reading in the fine print and that is exactly what it said. The ADL is the only one that has the Blind Mag, You might know this can you utalize the bottom drop plate with a Wyatts extended mag box? I am guessing you could but I want to make sure because I really need that A2 stock.

I am mostly a savage guy and never messed with Remington.

Thanks for the reply
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