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May 2, 2001
Last January my hunting partner, Jack, and I attended our first Safari Club Convention to shop outfitters for future hunts. We had a couple in mind we wanted to visit and Kirk was first on our list. I had been talking online with him about technical aspects of long range hunting for some time. We planned to book a Coues deer hunt with him but wanted to meet him first and talk over some details. Coues deer hunting appeals to me because it is normally done in the spot and stalk manner where long range abilities are a distinct advantage.

It wasn't hard to find his booth. It was the one with a couple dozen large trophy Coues deer mounts being displayed (and the beautiful wife and their daughter who hunts). After working through a few details we booked a hunt for next January in Sonora, Mexico. We are pleased that Kirk will end up being not just the outfitter but our own guide as well. Hmmm...hope he can cook.

I'm writing this post today because I just read an article about Pusch Ridge this past weekend. It appeared in the latest issue of Trophy Hunter magazine. Kirk has gotten lots of other hunting mag press in the last few years. I have scanned this most recent article and can email it to anyone interested.

His website is at www.PuschridgeOutfitters.com

This is a non-commercial forum and I encourage you to share information about your own plans or experience with other outfitters who are especially geared to long range hunting.

Thanks for the kind words! I'm looking forward to you and Jack hunting with us in January. We've got some exciting new ranches under contract, and I can hardly wait!

I hope I live up to your expectations as a guide, and no I don't cook!!!!! You can now sleep a little easier!

Kirk Kelso
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