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Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
I just noticed Kirk responded to a topic on the "Buy, Sell" sub-forum. This means he finally has a little time on his hands after a very long hunting season.

I hunted with Kirk in Sonorra, Mexico a couple years ago. The story of my Coues deer hunt is here:

El DIablo !

Sometimes one wonders who are good outfitters geared to long range enthusiasts. I have been frustrated with some, especially the one I used in New Mexico this past October. I took a young bull at 600 yards. I would not go back there with that outfitter. Not only was there no enthusiasm on the part of the guide for my passion...he actually argued with me after my son's kill as to what is a good bullet to use. My son used a Cauterucio bullet to take his 6 x 6 bull. I innocently asked the guide as he was quartering the VERY DEAD carcass how the bullet performed. Meaning...are you finding the bullet, where did it enter and exit or terminate, etc. Instead of giving me a simple answer to my question he went into a long rant about how he didn't like this bullet (only likes Barnes). Said he has so much experience...yadda, yadda. I calmly said there are many equally experienced hunters or guides (not meaning me) that would disagree with him. Well, that really set him off...even though I was a paying customer. Anyway...I'd never go back or recommend them.

Kirk is a long range enthusiast himself. Even uses Matchking bullets. Imagine that! Stories of his clients' hunts have been published quite a few times in the most well known magazines.

I will be hunting antelope with him this fall. I'll try to bend his arm and get him to come on to this topic and talk a little bit about his outfitting operation......

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Len, that New Mexico outfitter you didn't like wasn't Ross something or other was it?

I was looking into elk hunts with someone by that name in NM.

That is a great story, and it brings back the experience as though it was yesterday. That was a great shot and the guides still call that area of the ranch "El Diablo"!!!!

Hopefully you get it done the same way on your upcoming antelope hunt. I'm sure you will. It's refreshing to have true long-range enthusiasts hunt with us, as I do it, and it can be done. It's my kind of hunt!

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