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    Jul 1, 2007
    We are loosing our land, this is public land that is being LOCKED up....
    We are asking to read and contact our DC representatives to stop the locking up of PUBLIC LANDS
    All states are going threw this not just Idaho.....

    To the Editor, and all others....

    Nobody breaks more federal laws then the U. S. F. S. unless it is our elected federal officials who claim they will curb federal wastes and spending to get our votes. Do they NO, they vote themselves a raise and stay on the same cash cow that they or their predecessors were on.

    The Antiquities act of 1906 protects all old building structures for the benefit of all Americans and visitors, yet nobody destroyed more old structures than the U. S. F. S. by burning them and the bottom line, WHY what were they hurting?? People could look at them and try to figure out how those people were making a living. This was a part of our heritage.

    In the 1990’s the federal government passed a disabilities act saying all public places had to be accessible by the handicapped. Yet the U. S. F. S. with this fair travel plan has denied the disabled and citizens who cannot walk the right to use and see the Payette National Forest.

    Roads and trails left open for motorized use figuring a road 30 ‘ wide, ATV trail 5’ wide, OHV trail 6’ wide, and a motorcycle trail 2’ wide, figuring by the acre this comes out to be 1/5 of 1% for motorized use, with no off road travel 3.2 million acres in the Payette National Forest, 6500 acres for motorized use doesn’t sound like a real fair balance to me.

    Yes the U. S. F. S. is still our forest worst enemies. No Exceptions.


    Leonard M. Wallace

    Po Box 126

    New Meadows, Idaho 83654



    More land that BLM want to lock up drafts are available here. 2,000+ pages three

    Here is a link to the website containing the documents for the Jarbidge
    Resource Management Plan:
    Draft RMP/EIS

    I recommend starting with the document entitled How to Use Documents on
    this Website, as it explains some ways you can more easily navigate the
    documents using bookmarks, links, and searches rather than having to scroll
    through all the pages.

    You can find the address to which you can send or email comments in the
    Dear Reader Letter. The Executive Summary gives a good overview of the
    entire document. More detailed descriptions of the alternative management
    options for Recreation and Transportation and Travel can be found in
    Chapter 2 on pages 145-166. The maps that accompany these sections include
    Maps 51-55: Recreation and Maps 56-66: Transportation and Travel. Appendix
    M also discusses management of Special Recreation Management Areas in more
    detail. The Special Designations sections of Chapter 2 (pages 207-240) may
    also be of interest given your interest in the areas surrounding the
    Bruneau and Jarbidge Canyons. Of course, feel free to review and provide
    comment on any portions of the document in which you are interested.

    Feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you have any questions.

    Thank you for your interest in the Jarbidge Resource Management Plan--


    Aimee D K Betts
    RMP Project Manager
    Jarbidge Field Office
    Bureau of Land Management - Idaho
    E: [email protected]
    P: 208-732-7405
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    Jun 12, 2001
    ATV damage to streams and lands is severe. The noise and discourtesy of many of them is severe.

    Closing logging trails and roads to motorized vehicles is the best thing that has happened to hunting in a long time.

    Some pictures of ATV damage to a stream.




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    Jul 1, 2007
    I have to agree with the damage done by people and their off road usage....
    BLM and the Forest Service both have federal laws to protect our environment we need to
    aid them and help to protect these lands.
    What the message is in the text is closure of roads that have been in use for over 60 years.
    These closures are in many western states and soon if we don't try to stop these closures
    my grandchildren will not get to see the beautiful country that we have and your childern and grandchildren....
    We have choices and the choice is yours...