PTG XP-100 (Rem 600/660, Model 7) Bolt Group Buy on Specialty Pistol

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    Nov 25, 2009
    We've started a group buy with Dave Kiff of Pacific Tool and Gauge...he will
    make a run of his new (one piece) bolts in XP length if we can provide orders
    for (25) bolts. This bolt is for the XP-100, Rem. 600/660, and Model 7 actions.
    Pacific offers the 1-piece integral bolt only in Rem 700 SA and LA currently.

    Price will be $147 for the bolt body, see the link for more information. You have several options including bolt (cartridge face), etc. Kiff's bolts are NICE...

    This group buy is being hosted on a Specialty Pistol Thread

    All orders go directly through not order until we have enough guys lined up! Please contact me if you are definitely going to order!

    Group Buy Form

    These bolts are not meant to be a direct replacement for an existing gun...they are meant for the individual who is building a gun using these actions...and wants the strength of the one-piece design, a threaded straight handle, a choice of cartridge faces and extractor type, etc. You can choose an undersize firing pin hole as well. If you add up all these features, versus labor charges to change your factory bolt....these make much more sense! (You can add fluting for $35.00 also!)