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May 14, 2001
Urich, MO
Does anybody know what the proper torque for bases, rings and other stuff? I have seen info on action screw torque but never for mounting scopes!
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Ian has these figures somewhere but off the top of my head I believe I use 15 inch pounds for my Badgers (ring to ring and base to receiver) (65 inch pounds I believe for rings to base... Badger/Mk4 only).
The Badger info is as follows (use the same for Leupold, H-S or whatever):
Torx Cap Screws (top of rings) - 15 in-lb (1.2 ft-lbs)
(this is NOT very tight but you have four cap screws applying pressue. A little more than what you can apply by holding the allen wrench upside down and twisting with the short end)
Mounting Bolt (side of ring) - 65 in-lb (5.5 ft-lbs)

65 in-lb is also the commonly suggested torqueing for stock bolts in Rems and Wins.

I do not believe that there is a set standard for the screws holding the base to the receiver - tight as you can get them.

A great trick is to tap the screwdriver sharply as you tighten. Same goes for loosening tight screws, rap them smartly a couple of times and they usually break loose - good to do it as you are applying pressure.

In case anyone hasn't seen them, Brownells sells great gunsmith screwdriver sets - a little bit expensive but they will last as long as you do and they are perfect for gunjobs.
Thanks guys. That's right around what I thought. Mounted one of those new Bushnell Tactical's to my Savage 10P .308 and will see how it does. I am only an hour away from a thousand yard range, so I'll give it a good work out.
As Ian already knows, I am out here in Denver going to gunsmithing school and then will be going to work for George at GA Precision. Thanks to him for helping me get started building my long range rifle- .338 Lapua in a CZ action, Mike Rock barrel and a McMillan Mchale stock. So Darryl and everybody else in PA better look out cause as soon as George gives me a little vacation time I'll be shooting at Williamsport with it!
Ian, your right the Brownell's set is great and fortunately I have the complete set and a neat little 1/4" Armstrong torque wrench 5-50 in/lbs for just this stuff. Also have a little bigger Craftsman in 3/8" and in/lbs for my action screws.
Thanks again.
When you work for George you will get to know Marty and Eric - couldn't be around better guys.

Please keep me informed on that Bushnell tactical, I have ordered one but they are not in the system until later this month.

If you wouldn't mind a suggestion, here is a turret test that I do on the many scopes I get to play with.
..get the point of aim and the point of impact as close as possible at 100 yards - in other words a really good zero. your turrets, the old B&L turrets are very easy to slip or zero
..put up a fresh target and fire one shot - hopefully it will hit dead center.
..turn your turret all the way to the bottom, counting minutes or clicks and then return to your 100 yard zero and fire a shot.
..turn your turret all the way to the top, recording minutes or clicks and then return to your 100 yard zero and fire another shot.
..repeat this with the windage, go all the way to the left and back and fire a shot, then to the right and back and fire a shot.
..all of the shots fired should be in a group if the turret is returning properly.
..this will also tell you how much total adjustment you have in your turrets, plus how much elevation you have from your 100 yard zero setting.
I will be doing this when I get my hands on one of those scopes, would be nice to compare your results if you would give it a try.
(Mike Rock barrel, McHale stock, CZ action - that will make for a good shooter! - I have shot George's rifles built on that recipe.)
Good luck with your training,
I will definitely do that with the Bushnell and post my results. As of now I am impressed with the way it's built. Has some heft, the knobs are huge(with a standard size allen to zero them- unlike that tiny one on Tasco's Tactical) and the optics to my eye are really bright and clear.
More later- should get it on paper today and go try it on some sod poodles Sunday!
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