project 338 lapua


Nov 17, 2002
Superior, Wisconsin
need some input on a new project. want to build a 338 lapua with a 30" barrel. would it be better to use a custom action or use a factory one. i would like the weight to be no more then 20lbs. want to use 300gr. mks. any info will be a big help.
I've had 2 338LMs, one on a Sako TRG42 and the other on a 700. Both built by George Gardner at GA Precision. I like the 700 the best due to the m40 stock on it, but Dan Lilja says the action is marginal for the Lapua. The best I've seen is the Prairie Gun Works Timberwolf, they also sell the action separately. Get a Lapua you'll never regret it. mike
It's nice to know George doesn't have a problem doing them on the 700 either.

It would be better to use a custom action for a few reasons, but the 700 will work fine. You just have to weigh the reasons for both and decide wich fits the bill for you.

Longer than 32" and I'd choose a custom like BAT. Shorter and considering it has some taper to it, I'd go with the 700 if price was a factor. Quality work and using a quality barrel will produce equal accuracy which ever you choose, IMHO.

My wifes 30/338 Lapua Imp and my brothers 338/378 Weatherby are both on 700's. He has about $700 into his rifle, not including the action. Note: His stock was a Choate Tactical, and only cost him $130.00 tho.
Geoerge don't have a problem with 'em cause I have three on my bench being built now. Another way we build 'em is on the CZ 550 Safari action. I have one with a 30" barrel and it averages around 3/8 MOA. Dave King has one we built on a CZ with a 34" tube.
Chris, I bought George's 700 338 LM from him last month, it has Elk Killer written all over it. I spoke to you yesterday about a bolt, it's in the mail fedex. Mike
If anyone wants a AR30 right now. There is one at my local gun shop for $1695...

I fondled it today.

let me know if you are interested.
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