Problems With Me tac 15


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Sep 30, 2012
Hello everyone my name is Gabriel I'm new to the forum but I read long ago, I'm from south america Argentina ... I have a TAC 15 over a year ago and had many problems, I was grabbing modifications solved much original parts and building new ones, thereby staying well and works perfectly .. but still I have a problem I could not solve and that is why I turn to you to see if someone happens to have the same or any data to spend to fix the problem step by telling ...
The crossbow works perfect shot several times one after the other and to groups are acceptable, provided with broadheads, but the problem is when I leave the crossbow loaded barias hours ... we hunt at night stationed with the moonlight and I have to be loaded from the crossbow barias hours before ... not to make noise in this condition is unstable crossbow never sure what will happen, I lost several dams by the lack of precision .. I first thought it was the wind after the rest then another thing but concludes testing of leaving loaded and woe was the problem after shooting arrows at 40 meters barias leave it charged for three hours and paste down and left in another top left down in another, etc.. If the charge in the same time after he was charged shoot a couple of hours and return to the previous group and enters'm pulling one inside the other ..... and not to do this has disappointed me a lot with work my tac 15 and the worst thing that can happen is you do not have accuracy when shooting after being staked four hours, so I am writing to see if anyone on the forum happened or would think that might be happening or perhaps you see I'm giving a use that is not appropriate and can not be charged as long .. well .. not my concern I leave I hope to receive an answer I apologize if not well understood no English'm doing my best a translator from and lots of thanks to all the forum is really very good and informative thanks again Gabriel
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