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    Plan on finding the most reasonable price for primers and buying enough to last me for many years. Where do you get your primers? Over the years, I'd buy 5000 at a time, and not worry about it until I started running low, but I now have my entire family shooting with me every other weekend, and I can tell you that we definitely go through a lot of components!! I have lot's of brass, lots of bullets, will be buying bulk powder in the very near future, and figured while I was at it; I might as well take care of the primer issue too. Where do you get your primers???
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    Dec 7, 2004
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    E-mail sent......
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    Jul 8, 2003
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    Nov 11, 2003

    What do ya'll shoot every weekend sport wise? If its highpower I think I can connect you to some folks that order components bulk in the Houston area each year.

    If not there's also a group that does it in the Austin area once a year.

    I'll check email when I get home

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    JB &amp; ROST,
    Thanks for the help. We consistantly shoot the following rounds:
    22-250 Remington
    257 Roberts
    264 Win Mag x 2
    7mm Rem Mag
    35 Remington
    45-70 Govt.
    I appreciate all help. My office number is 713-246-4277 Monday - Thursday.