Premier Retical hold over dots/lines


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Apr 13, 2002
Anyone had these installed and how did it work out? I am thinking of having them installed out to 1200 yards for my 6.5 284.
Premier Retical are the best for this, a good friend and excellent long range shooter has Premier set up dots at 3MOA. Quality out fit.
Every Leupold scope I own has Premier reticle dots in them. I went with single dots on 2 of the 5 (6.5-20x40) I own. The other 3 have a total of 6 dots. One at the intersection of the crosshair with the other 5 going down at a spacing of 2 inches at 100 yards.

They do work up load specific dots for your guns. I did not want this on my scopes because they could end up on a different rifle one day. What I wanted was a reference point for hold over on those long shots. I've examined various scopes with mil dots and range finding reticles and all just looked to busy for me. I might on the next scope (6.5x20x40 VX-III LR) order it with the new Varmint reticles. I've not made up mind yet. I've been waiting for someone I know to get one so I can examine the reticle at various ranges.

Premier does great work. Did not know the first thing about changing the reticles out until I called Leupold trying to convert one of my scopes. They put me onto Premier years ago. I called Premier and they took the time to explain everything in terms I understood. Great people! I also found in a lot of instances their pricing beat or match most of the places I had ordered Leupold scopes from before. So if the at least match the best pricing, and they also discount the dots if you purchase a scope from them, its a good deal.
Tim, I spoke to premier about putting in dots in a leupold at 2 MOA spacing. They told me that I would end up with a straight crosshair (no posts like on the duplex reticles) with dots on the cross hair lines. I was thinking about the crosshair in the middle with 5 dots in each direction. I also do not want a set trajectory because I may switch loads of rifles.

What size dots did you get? I was looking at .6 or .7
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